Why Kenvox
Engineering the Future of Manufacturing.
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Turn Your Product Ideas into Reality: 

We offer end-to-end product development, sourcing, and manufacturing solutions that unlock your potential to bring innovative products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Why Kenvox

At Kenvox, we're more than just a contract manufacturer – we're your partner in success. With our commitment to using the best materials and producing the highest quality products, you can trust us to bring your vision to life. Our competitive pricing ensures you get the best value for your investment. Choose Kenvox as your partner, and experience the difference of working with a truly dedicated manufacturing team.

Best Quality

  1. Mold


    Kenvox has over 28 years experiences in plastic, silicone, metal molds and molding fields. We have own mold-making standard, all manufacturing processes are in-house for best quality control and shortest lead time. All mold base are made by and steel material are buy from LKM unless customer have special requirement to guarantee the molds quality.

  2. Raw Material

    Raw Material

    The materials Kenvox use are all raw original, we never use used or wasted material. And all materials are purchased from very formal famed vendor to avoid any fake. And every batch of material has been recorded in our ERP system for future track.

  3. Project Management

    Project Management

    For every project, Kenvox will set up a specific project team to develop and monitor the whole procedures, it is a big teamwork. Also the project manager works as customer’s representative and like an independent 3rd eyes to take care of every aspect.

  4. Quality System

    Quality System

    ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949AS8000 and ISO13485 systems were strictly followed in Kenvox daily work in every procedure. And we adopt the advanced Hongkong / British management concept and mode.

Competitive Price

  1. Management



    Kenvox's advanced management model and sophisticated internal systems, such as our customized ERP, provides a seamless operation for the customer while avoiding unnecessary waste, allowing us to keep our costs low.

  2. Equipment



    Full range of advance equipment ensures the highest efficiency for making tooling and mass production, reduce the reject rate in procedure a lot. And most machines are running fully or semi automatically thus saves lots of labor cost.

  3. Employee



    Refined and well-trained employee ensures high working efficiency and low management cost.

  4. Supply Chain

    Supply Chain


    Very rich industrial resources refined in various fields enables Kenvox to provide the best solutions for different projects at very competitive price.

  5. Purchasing



    As a big reputed group, Kenvox’s all production material was purchased from the very original supplier at very large quantity so as to get very good price.

  6. Finance



    The financial system among Kenvox’s factories are independent, thus can have an accurate control of every cent in every aspect .

Short Lead-time

  • All manufacturing processes are recorded and tracked within our ERP and PDM system mitigating risks from miscommunication and provides project oversight to all parties involved.

  • Project manager as a focal point allows for an efficient project team with free flowing communications.

  • Standard lead-time for molds is 12-30 calendar days; Standard mass production lead-time is 7-21 calendar days (subject to change based on quantity).

Strong Technical Support

Kenvox has over 40 engineers with different technical backgrounds in various industries like plastic, silicone, metal die-casting, stamping, CNC machining, electronics etc. 80% of them have over 10 years’ experiences, they can always provide customers very professional technical support, every year Kenvox will help customer develop over 100 new projects.

1. Kenvox’s professional and stable sales rep with smart English are always at your service at any time.

2. The Sales Directors and even the group (Vice ) president are English Speakers and experts in our fields, they are more than happy to customer’s any voice.

3. Kenvox’s project engineering team’s job is just to support the sales and clients, most of them mastered good English, can help with customer’s any technical questions

4. Every year Kenvox’s reps will conduct a business tour and have exhibitions in many countries, so as to meet customer face to face for any business matters.

Customer Comments

  • Mr. Hanchey (CEO)

    Atlanta, USA, 2023

    We been doing business with Kenvox for a dozen years and have found them to be a great partner in manufacturing our Biological Signaling Substrate Material.  They have produced 100’s of thousands of products for us in a professional manner with the high quality we insist on.  Dealing internationally with China can be difficult language wise and we have never had an issue with misunderstandings with Kenvox.

    We would highly recommend Kenvox for products that fit their expertise.

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  • Mr. DeCaire (CEO)

    Ontario, Canada, 2023

    As far as feedback on performance: 

    · Your team is very strong in managing projects including all of the small details that I don’t notice

    · Your engineers do a fantastic job of thinking through our problems and turning them into effective solutions

    · I really appreciated the quality control videos like the one where you compressed the peanuts with weight and then punctured it to test its propensity to burst – that gave me a lot of confidence in the quality

    · I really appreciated when you let me know that some of the bones had small marks from stacking – it helped me to anticipate future problems and I really appreciated that transparency.  We really value that.  I also appreciated that you came up with a solution to fix the problem 

    · Your project management is very very strong and you make it very easy to keep track of everything especially because I have a hard time keeping track of everything myself

    · You are always fair on pricing and try to negotiate the best price with ancillary suppliers for boxes, packaging, etc.  

    · Overall we feel fortunate to have Kenvox as our partner!

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  • Mr. Mastenko (Manufacturing Director)

    Pennsylvania, USA, 2023

    Our team really appreciates the experience of cooperation with Kenvox Team. The communication with Sam is always very effective and professional. Thank you very much for bringing this perfect experience.

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  • Mr. Wyatt (VP)

    Colorado, USA, 2023

    Thank you for this very thoughtful note, we are very appreciative.  I am so glad that we have been able to work together on this new project and maintain our friendship over many years now.  We are excited to continue working with you and the entire Kenvox team! You are our trusted partners and we appreciate your support. 

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  • Miss Malene (Founder)

    Silkborg, Denmark, 2023

    2022 has indeed been a very special year.

    We started the first quarter running faster than we had ever before, and with a strong outlook for the remainder of the year. 

    The war in Ukraine changed the whole retailer and consumer outlook and the following increase in inflation and USD has made 2022 a year that I do not think we will ever forget.

    Fortunately our company is blessed with the best customers and suppliers in the world. The loyalty you show us throughout both good and difficult moments are noticed by the full board, and we thank you dearly.

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  • Mr. Sauerbeck (Co-Founder)

    Berlin, Germany, 2023

    I am very happy to work with you and your team from us to bring a long term successful product to the market. At this point I can underline my full satisfaction in the cooperation with Chris and Christy. 

    There will be many more challenges but I am sure that together with Kenvox we will overcome them.

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  • Miss Kaci (Director of Operations)

    Tennessee, USA, 2023

    Thank you very much for your email. We also appreciate the partnership with Kenvox, and you, as you've been one of the original partners since our company started. That's special to us.

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  • Mr. Sowden (CEO)

    Milan, Italy, 2023

    We have been working with your company for some time developing a range of lighting products for the world market.

    It is never easy to launch new ideas - it takes time to create a satisfactory design, to verify all technical details, complete the safety standards with approvals for different countries and build the necessary distribution network.

    Working with you has been a pleasure, your product manager Arya has always been ready to understand our needs and respect our requests for samples and timing requirements. We have to thank her for her help.

    2023 is the year when we can start sales and finally send out products to the markets. I hope it will be successful for the everyone on the supply chain involved in our idea, which includes you as one of our most important suppliers – let’s wish everybody good luck with this joint business !

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