Plastic Injection
high-speed cnc,edm
slow wire-cutting
Plastic Injection
high-speed cnc,edm
slow wire-cutting
high-speed cnc,edm
slow wire-cutting


Leading professionals in the tool/mold manufacturing industry. 

Kenvox maintains strict quality control, deadlines, and voice activities with internal staff.

Plastic Injection

Utilizing 190+ various plastic injection machines, each with a capacity from 30 to 1,000 tons, Kenvox produces over 1,500 tons of plastic materials, servicing mutiple industries like medical, baby products, consumer electronics.

Having over 28 years of industry experience allows Kenvox the ability and confidence to design and/or manufacture any precise or complex projects regardless of size.

  • 10,000 Class Clean Room Injection workshop- Fully Automatic Running

    With the recent increase in medical product demand, Kenvox has established 3 clean rooms used for injection and packaging workshops.  These rooms are 100,000-class and 10,000-class per ISO13485.

    10,000 Class Clean Room Injection workshop- Fully Automatic Running

Over 190 Fully Automatic Injection Machines

  • Double-shot Plastic Injection Machine


  • China HAITIAN Plastic Injection Machine


  • Taiwan LK Plastic Injection Machine


  • Japan Sumitomo High-Speed Plastic Injection Machine


  • ZHAFIR Plastic Injection Machine


  • China Bester Plastic Injection Machine


  • Plastic Injection Machine above 800 Tons


  1. Haitian Injection Workshop

    Haitian Injection Workshop

  2. Clean Room Packaging  Workshop

    Clean Room Packaging Workshop

  3. Main Injection Workshop

    Main Injection Workshop

  4. Zhafir  Injection  Workshop

    Zhafir Injection Workshop

  5. Sumitomo  High-speed  Injection Machine

    Sumitomo High-speed Injection Machine

  6. High-speed  Injection Machine

    High-speed Injection Machine

  7. Double-shot  Injection Machine

    Double-shot Injection Machine

  8. 1000T  Injection Machine

    1000T Injection Machine