China Mold manufacturer



 KENVOX INDUSTRIAL GROUP                                     China Mold manufacturer is a comprehensive enterprise group with expertise in designing and producing plastic, silicone and metal Mold and their finished parts. She owns first-class manufacturing facilities,strong engineering capability and reliable quality assurance system. 


China Mold manufacturer - Quality Assuran  

        ISO 9001                     TS 16949                  ISO 14001

Dust-free Injection   Painting   CMM Measurement Lab   Taiwan Jiatie High-speed CNC Machine   Japan Sodick Slow Wire-cutting Machine   Switzerland Charmilles High Precise EDM   Switzerland Mikron High-speed CNC   Eroding Tester   Environment Tester   Dust-free Painting Line   EDM Workshop   Imported Equipment   Injection Equipments   Rubber Injection Machine   Silicon Workshop   Slow Wire-cutting Workshop   Ultrasonic Welding Line   Mold Workshop   Assembly Line   CNC Machining Center   Diecasting Machine  

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