Contract manufacturer, originating in Hongkong in 1989.
Fully owned and operating 3 factories in addition to 1 joint-venture facility in China.
Expertise includes plastic, silicone, and metal molds and their finished parts.
Offer a one-stop-shop turnkey solution spanning from concept through finished products.


Business Scope

Kenvox has manufacturing expertise in many backgrounds including plastics, silicone, metals, and electronics.  Experienced engineers are assigned as project leads depending on the product and the engineering discipline of the lead.  Each project lead is responsible for product development, technical support, quality control, and cross-departmental coordination during the development phase.  This method guarantees that sufficient technical resources are available during the most critical processes.

Initial Idea & Design
Rapid Prototyping
Mold & Molding Manufacturing
Matching Service

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Kenvox Industrial Group

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